Sunday, 06 December 2015 08:18

Africa's Development to be Boosting by New Bamboo Business Initiatives

A new partnership for African development, through the use of bamboo, was recently announced by the Chinese State Forestry Administration,Inbar and the Netherlands. Through this new initiative they hope to improve rural income, assist land restoration and fight climate change through the development of bamboo resources and so doing stimulate green economic growth.

This is indeed exciting times for Africa and bamboo!

Key activities of the partnership:

• Business development: Survey and assessment of bamboo resources and value chains in East Africa, including business plan development, technology transfer and capacity building on bamboo resource management, processing, product design and marketing.

• Investment promotion: Investor and industry study tours and workshops; trade dialogues on policy, product custom codes and standards; capacity building for African National Standards Bureaus and private sector companies on bamboo standardization.

• Landscape restoration: Planting of bamboo on degraded lands; life cycle analysis and carbon accounting methodology development for industrial bamboo products; and climate financing developed for bamboo reforestation and afforestation projects in Africa and China, as well as durable bamboo products.

Full artilce here: New Netherlands-China partnership to boost Africa’s development using bamboo


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