Wednesday, 25 May 2016 06:49

Tour Our Bamboo Business(plant): From Crop to Finish

Eco Bamboo Africa prides itself in providing a self-sustainable Bamboo flooring product that is not only high in quality, offers a superior solution and is affordable, but  aids in the positive wellbeing of mother earth for future generations. From crop to finish, Eco Bamboo spares no expense to provide a truly eco-friendly product.

Firstly, our bamboo is grown in their natural environment in jungles. No land has been cleared or eco systems destroyed. Our factories, where manufacturing takes place, are found situated centrally in the jungle which reduces transport and thus carbon emissions. The processing plant makes use of steam generated by the bamboo waste to be powered and then operated. Hydro electricity is also used from the nearby streams and rivers. Some electricity is used to operate slicing machine. Great care is taken to keep environmental disturbances to a minimum.

Our success is shown by the high quality of clean air and water of the surrounding the rivers and lakes. Although much has been achieved we continually strive to ensure that we truly are the eco-friendly choice.



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