Sunday, 12 June 2016 17:38

Eco-friendly Tourism Paying Off For Botswana

Eco-friendly tourism is paying off in a big way for Botswana. From solar-powered boats to electrical vehicles for game viewing are just the start. Green building practises are also on the increase with many lodges opting for bamboo flooring and composite decking instead of natural wood and laminate flooring.

Luxury with a reduced footprint

"Chobe Game Lodge on Botswana's northern border is one of the country's luxurious facilities which prides itself on an environmental focus. "We've cut down our waste footprint by about 95%," said Johan Bruwer, general manager of the lodge.
One way of doing this is by using solar-powered boats and electrical vehicles for game viewing. "Our goal is to, in the next 18 months to 24 months, to offer our guests a total emission-free, carbon-free game viewing experience," said Bruwer.
Another lodge further south in the Okavanga Delta called Sandibe Okavango is proud of its eco-credentials. All water is treated and recycled onsite and 70% of the lodge's power comes from solar panels."

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