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How Bamboo Flooring Can Boost Your Bank Balance

Several credible studies, conducted by various institutions, suggests that flooring plays a crucial role in the perceived value of a property and if used commercially the perceived characteristics, such a quality of merchandise affects the potential client's willingness & intention to purchase.

Increase the value and marketability of your home / property

Studies show that installing timber flooring increases the value of that property:

“Seventy five per cent of US real estate agents and brokers said hardwood floors influenced a home’s saleability to a great extent - compared to 44 per cent in a previous survey and 90 per cent said homes with hardwood floors would sell for more money - as opposed to 58 per cent in the earlier survey.”

This trend coupled with the growing concern of eco-friendly practices and sustainability has greatly influenced the demand for bamboo flooring, as this resource is a self-sustainable alternative to hardwoods, taking a meagre 5 years to matures vs 50 years for most hardwoods. The durability and hardness of the wood makes it perfect for high traffic, making it not only an superior aesthetically appealing product but of highest quality too. Read article on Bamboo Characteristics

Study shows timber floors add value to homes

Flooring can boost retail revenues..

Firstly research suggests that the way flooring looks, its cleanliness, how it feels and how it makes a person feel is directly related to the sales of items in that store. Customers make a direct correlation between the way they feel and perceive the environment with the service or goods sold in that store.

Secondly the more inviting and comfortable the store is perceived, the longer the person is most likely to stay and inclined to spend – emotional vs logical spending. An argument can be made that stores catering to women’s needs should provide an atmosphere that will greatly influence the emotional state of that client in order to increase revenue.

Research Shows How Flooring Affects Shoppers

How Flooring Can Boost Retail Sales


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