Monday, 22 August 2016 11:24

8 Reasons Why Bamboo is the “Grass of Hope”

Bamboo is a versatile flowering plant that can grow almost anywhere, with exception the Antarctic. It can be used as a textile, timber, scaffolding, energy source, food and many more. Not only is it versatile and found in abundance but it has some surprisingly (super) positive effects on global warming and here’s why…

1. Protects our already severely under threat forests.

Bamboo is a superior and formidable substitute to hardwoods. Its takes a meagre 5 years to mature and leaves its root system intact to further produce crops of even greater strength and durability. Thus reducing the demand or need for hardwoods (10 times slower) This allows our forests and its eco systems to be undisturbed and in time hopefully gain back the ground its lost over the years.

2. Virtually no waste!!!

Every single part of the plant can be used to produce value adding products. One example is that we collect saw dust generated when manufacturing our flooring and combine that with plastic from recycled milk cartons to produce our composite decking.

bamboo forests3. Bamboo can replace wood for almost anything and everything!!

Bamboo can produce traditional wooden products – no problem! Paper, timber, flooring, furniture. With current technology, we are able to create the most beautiful “wooden” furniture, finishings, flooring, cladding etc that are in some cases more durable than scarce, highly expensive wooden ones.

4. It grows like a weed (and faster)

Although not a weed – Bamboo grows and spreads like one. It is the fastest growing plant on earth and, when harvested, its root system simple grows a new shoot that is heathier, stronger and more durable than its “parent”

5. Absorbs more greenhouse gasses than trees

Bamboo produces more oxygen than trees and absorbs a whopping 35% more carbon dioxide

6. No need for nasty pesticides and fertilizers.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal therefor eliminating the need for environmentally harmful pesticides. Bamboo utilizes the nitrogen found in soil for it to thrive.

7. Soil protection

Bamboo root system stays intact after harvesting and this coupled with its vast underground network makes it a formidable protector of soil.

8. Invested interest to go green - Economic development

It provides a raw material to a vast number of industries and also provides job opportunities especially in developing countries where there is a high demand for unskilled employment.



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