Standardization test are underway for various types of bamboo at the University of Pittsburgh with the aim of insuring that it conforms to the strict building codes of the construction industry. We've documented in previous article the superior strenght of bamboo and now more evidence is coming forth to support this. The cost effectiveness of bamboo makes it the perfect fit for the developing world and could be the perfect solution for construction projects in Africa. 

"Building codes everywhere require strict standardization of tests for all materials, such as timber or concrete. But tests for bamboo have not been standardized, because it's not manufactured, but grown. So scientists at the University of Pittsburgh are testing several varieties of bamboo with mechanical properties that approach and even surpass those of softwood lumber. Their aim is to standardize the tests so that bamboo can be safely used in buildings.

Types of bamboo that have excellent strength-to-weight ratio grow mostly in tropical regions where they have been used in building for thousands of years."

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