Research has shown that there are proven tricks of the trade that not only improve your home but increase its value. All year round people spend thousands of their hard earned money on renovating and upgrading their homes and offices.

But are they spending wisely?  Over the years there has been evidence that’s proven that upgrading one’s kitchen, painting your walls, extending entertainment areas with decking and a home’s flooring, are the top key areas one should invest in. Upgrading in these areas add the most value to your property: in other words more bang for your buck. Investing in high quality finishing’s can reap greater returns on investment.beach house decking

How does the property owner still increase his or her value but without breaking the bank?

The experts say that homeowners should invest in “green” technologies and practices i.e. water wise plants and gardens, solar panels, recycling systems and bamboo flooring, countertops, and furniture. The latest research has shown that according to 46% of builders, the environmental value brings more monetary value for buyers.

This clearly indicates that the current buyer’s decision to invest or to purchase is greatly influenced by green practices and technologies. This also shows that the lack of making use of green technologies and materials can have detrimental implications for future profitability and sale.

But why Bamboo?

Bamboo vs Traditional hardwood: Bamboo is not a wood but a grass. This grass takes a meager 3 – 5 years to harvest, as opposed to hardwoods that take up to 50, proving it’s a sustainable source that regenerates itself in a fraction of the time. Furthermore a Bamboo grove reduces carbon emissions up to 30% more than a similar size tree grove. It also reduces soil erosion through its root network system and has natural anti-bacterial properties, eliminating the need for pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to other plants, animals, birds and humans. Bamboo also needs very little water – reducing the demand on this increasingly scarce resource…

Eco Bamboo Africa’s Bamboo “hardwood” floors are harder than most sort after hardwoods. This makes our Bamboo more durable and allows it to carry heavier traffic. It is easily installed using our click mechanism that greatly reduces installation times and costs. Not only is it a superior product that proves to be time efficient but also the cost is a fraction compared to hardwood. Because of the significant amount of time reduced to create the final product. Manufacturers are able to keep costs low – simple supply and demand

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